"We Win" Video Download - Session 2: Our Victorious Leader

"We Win" Video Download - Session 2: Our Victorious Leader

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An Eight Message Series on Spiritual Warfare, addressing our Spiritual Battles and how to live victoriously

Session I : THIS IS WAR - It is important that we understand the spiritual battle we are fighting.

Session 2 : OUR VICTORIOUS LEADER - A study on our Leader encourages and motivates us to fight well.

Session 3 : THE DECEPTIVE ENEMY Behind every work of the enemy is one of his three character traits.

Session 4 : OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST Knowing who we are is key to victory in our spiritual battles.

Session 5 : PUT ON YOUR ARMOR (PART 1) With our spiritual armor, we are able to withstand the attacks of the enemy.

Session 6 : PUT ON YOUR ARMOR (PART 2) Preparation for battle always takes place before the battle.

Session 7 : THIS IS HOW WE FIGHT (PART 1) The Church of Jesus Christ is to be on the offensive, and our weapons are mighty!

Session 8 : THIS IS HOW WE FIGHT (PART 2) It is imperative to not only know our spiritual weapons, but also understand when to use them.