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After 15 years of fulltime ministry on the foreign field, Rick & Renita Rhodes moved to Reading, PA to continue in fulltime ministry under the name of SOLDOUT Ministries (formerly known as R Family Ministries). The vision of SOLDOUT Ministries is:

  1. To provide evangelists who work with communities and churches to provide biblically based preaching and teaching.
  2. To develop and perform annual SOLDOUT youth conferences facilitated by local communities.
  3. To produce biblically-based teaching resources. These resources can be found at

SOLDOUT Ministries is a 501C3 non-profit ministry, operating under the following board:

  • Lavon Bontrager  (chairman) Kalona, Iowa                  (319) 430-9878
  • Jesse Herschberger  (vice-chairman) Lancaster, PA      (717) 598-5411
  • Daryl Petersheim  (secretary) Fredericksburg, Pa         (484) 256-2533
  • Mark Miller  (treasurer) Newcomerstown, Ohio             (330) 231-6664                                                                             

If you would like to be a part of the work of SOLDOUT Ministries, you can financially support them through the link below or by sending your tax deductible donation to:

SOLDOUT Ministries
156 Skyline Drive
Reading, PA 19606