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"I Will" Study Guide

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Four Personal Disciplines that will put the Radical back into your Christianity

Are you up for a challenge that will change your life for the better and make an eternal impact on those around you? Then take the I WILL Challenge! This is not an easy fix to lukewarm Christianity, rather four disciplines that are hard work. However, as you make these disciplines regular practices in your life, you will experience joy in serving the Lord and advancing His Kingdom.

Session I: “I Will Worship”

Worship is expressing reverence and adoration to God. While worship includes words of praise through songs and prayer, there is so much more to worship. In this session, we will look at the three components that make up true worship. If you take any one of these three out of worship, you are left with a cheap, fake formality that means nothing to God. 

Session II: “I Will Wait”

Waiting is not something that we like to do. If we need to wait, it means someone is late, behind or slow. Waiting slows down our progress and productivity, so we do all we can to avoid it. However, waiting on the Lord doesn’t set us back or slow us down. In fact, waiting on the Lord comes with a three-fold promise that we can’t afford to miss.

Session III: “I Will Work”

Jesus left us an example of greatness by serving. While serving is hard work, when done in love, this work makes a positive impact on everyone. In this session, we will look at three places that we need to work that will change our world and others’ for the better

Session IV: “I Will Witness”

It’s the will of God that none perish, but that all come to repentance. But how will the lost hear the plan of salvation and realize their need for Jesus if we don’t witness? This session will show us the two decisive choices we need to make which will enable us to witness.